Wilma Vermeij-Lakké
T: 0031613647125   E:

I like to have a bigger sculpture of my designs in red epoxy or polyester and a smaller one of polished bronze. (But some off them can be made of chocolate too!)

The tension in my sculptures is very important to me:  there has to be excitement and speed in it.  It takes a lot of time to get them in the way they are: like a car with a very tidy/smooth surface.

My main sources of inspiration are objects and human positions that, to my feeling, contains already lots of excitement and tension.
I abstract the original form, but always aim to retain or slightly exaggerate the original lines.  To come from a figurative source of inspiration to an abstract piece of art,  I am continuously asking myself (having a kind of struggle with myself)  if I am allowed to alter or remove redundant parts.
The eventual sculptures are always titled according to the initial form it was based on.  Quite often, it is hard for a spectator to grasp the relationship between the sculpture  and the title. The sculptures live their own lives now.
You can see whatever you want to see!